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New Release | Epiphone Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe is something of an enigma, a game-changer, an artistic triple threat. With her [...]

Peach Guitars | Ibanez Steve Vai

When we look back on the history of the electric guitar, there are plenty of [...]

Peach Guitars | Ernie Ball Strings

Leo Fender, Les Paul, Jim Marshall, Seymour Duncan…..icons of guitar, pioneers who pushed boundaries and [...]

Peach Guitars | Rob Holliday Interview

Being the live guitarist for a major artist is the dream, right? But imagine touring [...]

New Release | Fender Juanes Stratocaster

Over the last couple of years, Fender have done a really incredible job of bringing [...]

New Release | Gibson Acoustic Miranda Lambert “Bluebird’

Miranda Lambert is one of Nashville’s most prolific and acclaimed singer songwriters, with 9 studio [...]

New Release | Origin Effects Halcyon Gold

When you think of powerhouse British effects builders you’ll probably realise that we’re a little [...]

New Release | Marshall Studio JTM

Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Angus Young, Jeff Beck, the list is way [...]

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